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CHEJ's School Siting Toolkit
School Siting Toolkit

Does your community need the guidelines to pass safe policies to keep your children safe? This toolkit will provide you with all the information you and other parents in your community need to pass safe school siting policies.
Facility Siting Questions
Our Price: $10.00

Regardless of the type of facility you are fighting, you must ask key questions. But what kind of questions are they? The questions you must ask relate to a variety of topics including: groundwater tables, transportation routes and the economies of facilities. Imagine the reaction of the agency or corporation who must answer these questions that they never thought you would ask!
Pesticides in Your Community
Pesticides in Your Community
Our Price: $10.00

Wondering what is sprayed on the food you eat and what affects it may have on you and your children? How do pesticides affect our groundwater? This guidebook contains information on pesticides and their usage in the US.
Creating Safe Learning Zones
Creating Safe Learning Zones: Invisible Threats, Visible Actions
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California (CA), Massachusetts (MA), Michigan (MI), New Jersey (NJ) and New York (NY) are examined in this report for schools that are located near hazardous and contaminated waste sites. Also contains action steps and model school siting legislation.
ABC's of Healthy Schools
Creating Safe Learning Zones: The ABC's of Healthy Schools
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CHEJ's Child Proofing Our Communities (CPOC) Campaign Report contains information on how to get your school healthy for the students, teachers and community. Find out what the most common toxins in schools are and start designing your healthy school.
Building Safe Schools
Building Safe Schools: Invisible Threats, Visible Actions
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This CHEJ Campaign Report contains a state-by-state summary and analysis of rules and regulations for schools that have no other option than to build a school on a contaminated site, including case studies of school siting disasters and triumphs.
Poisoned Schools
Poisoned Schools: Invisible Threats, Visible Actions
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Who ever said school was a safe place? This CHEJ Campaign Report identifies factors that pose risks to children's environmental health in schools.
Parent's Guide
A Parent's Guide: Reducing Children's Environmental Health Risks
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A must read for all parents! This booklet explains how chemical contamination travels through air, water and soils to threaten the health, and even the lives, of children. It includes action steps families may take - both individually and collectively with other parents - to reduce or avoide exposures to pesticides, dioxin and other widely prevalent chemicals.